Business Management  It is not always cost effective to have a full-time CEO, COO or CFO on staff. Schulman Lobel partners are experienced in running the day-to-day operations and financial management of major corporations. We analyze your requirements to determine whether the CEO, COO or CFO functions for your business might be best accomplished through outsourcing.Areas of concentration include:
• Budgeting
• Cost reduction
• Operations
• Positioning for funds
• Positioning for growth

Bookkeeping Support:
• Accounts payable/receivables
• Back office
• Compliance reporting
• General ledger maintenance
• Internal reporting

For more information, please contact:Partner: Andrew B. Blackman, CPA
Telephone: (212) 868-5781 ext. 318

Partner: Joel Faden, CPA
Telephone: (212) 868-5781 ext. 354

Partner: Anita Katzen, CPA
Telephone: 212-868-5781 ext. 224

Partner: Ronald J. Myers, CPA
Telephone: (818) 501-8580 ext. 601

Principal: Jennifer L. Prosperino, CPA/PFS
Telephone: (212) 868-5781 ext. 109

Partner: Norman H. Schulman, CPA
Telephone: (908) 964-8300 ext. 103

Partner: Marc D. Zand, CPA
Telephone: (212) 868-5781 ext. 306

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