Tax Services/Tax Advisors No one looks forward to dealing with taxes. The regulations are complex and constantly changing, and tax issues can make or break a business. Schulman Lobel eases tax concerns by not only advising clients on appropriate tax strategies and approaches, but also looks at your situation from both business and personal points-of-view. Our experts will help you reduce tax risk, be tax efficient, and manage your tax obligations strategically.Tax Services include planning, preparation, and review for:
• Businesses
• Estates, trusts and foundations
• Individuals
• Payroll taxes
• Pension and employee benefit plans
• Multi State Taxation
• Sales taxes
• Representation before IRS, state and local taxing authorities
• Tax research
• Pension and employee benefit plan compliance
For more information, please contact:

Partner: Andrew B. Blackman CPA, MBA
Telephone: (212) 868-5781 ext. 318

Principal: James Cassidy, CPA
Telephone: (212) 868-5781 ext. 117

Partner: Peter Frank, CPA, CITP
Telephone: (212) 868-5781 ext. 324

Partner: Anita Katzen, CPA
Telephone: 212.868.5781 ext. 224

Partner: Ronald J. Myers, CPA
Telephone: (818) 501-8580 ext. 601

Partner: Steven Poliseo, CPA
Telephone: (908) 964-8300 ext. 123

Principal: Jennifer L. Prosperino, CPA/PFS
Telephone: (212) 868-5781 ext. 109

Partner: Adam Reiss, CPA, CGMA
Telephone: (212) 868-5781 ext. 323

Partner: Norman Schulman, CPA
Telephone: (908) 964-8300 ext. 103

Partner: Rene R. Verghese, CPA
Telephone: (908) 964-8300 ext. 111

Partner: Marc D. Zand, CPA
Telephone: (212) 868-5781 ext. 306

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