Entertainment  Creativity is the cornerstone of entertainment. Creative clients demand greater attention. They require a seasoned professional suited to understanding their needs and concerns, someone to assure they have a financial environment where they can continue to thrive.Schulman Lobel works with filmmakers, directors, actors, writers, musicians and other creative individuals and entities tailoring our services to meet the needs of each individual so that we may address their unique business issues. Our clients gain from our many years of experience working with a diverse group of entertainment clientele.Professional Services include:
• Bookkeeping
• Business management
• Entity selection
• Insurance review and purchase — disability, medical, life, liability
• International tax issues
• Investment agreements
• Licensing agreements
• Multistate tax returns
• Retirement and estate planning
• Savings for current/future needs

For more information, please contact:

Partner: Andrew B. Blackman CPA, MBA
Telephone: (212) 868-5781 ext. 318
E-mail: ablackman@schulmanlobel.com

Principal: James Cassidy, CPA
Telephone: (212) 868-5781 ext. 117
E-mail: jcassidy@schulmanlobel.com

Partner: Joel Faden, CPA
Telephone: (212) 868-5781 ext. 354
E-mail: jfaden@schulmanlobel.com

Partner: Anita Katzen, CPA
Telephone: 212.868.5781 ext. 224
E-mail: akatzen@schulmanlobel.com

Partner: Ronald J. Myers, CPA
Telephone: (818) 501-8580 ext. 601
E-mail: rmyers@schulmanlobel.com

Principal: Jennifer L. Prosperino, CPA/PFS
Telephone: (212) 868-5781 ext. 109
E-mail: jprosperino@schulmanlobel.com

Partner: Norman Schulman, CPA
Telephone: (908) 964-8300 ext. 103
E-mail: nschulman@schulmanlobel.com

Partner: Marc D. Zand, CPA
Telephone: (212) 868-5781 ext. 306
E-mail: mzand@schulmanlobel.com

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