Medical and Professional Practices  Upon earning your degree to become the professional you envisioned, you realize the curriculum hardly covered the business side of managing a practice. The demands of operating a practice can prove to be stressful and time effective management and financial analysis are keys to profitability. Schulman Lobel has the expertise to provide technical advice essential to making your practice a success. Our staff is especially adept in helping physicians run their practices like a business, ensuring maximum profitability.Professional Services include:
• Acquisitions and dispositions of practices
• Billing procedure systemization
• Budgeting and forecasting
• Contract and equipment purchase/lease negotiation
• Financial monitoring
• New associate terms and contracts
• Tax planning

For more information, please contact:

Partner: Steven Poliseo, CPA
Telephone: (908) 964-8300 ext. 123

Partner: Norman Schulman, CPA
Telephone: (908) 964-8300 ext. 103

Partner: Rene R. Verghese, CPA
Telephone: (908) 964-8300 ext. 111

Partner: Marc D. Zand, CPA
Telephone: (212) 868-5781 ext. 306

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